Kevin Loughrin
Speaker, Writer, Storyteller



I’ve had the privilege of speaking at churches, ministry conferences, youth retreats, camps, and training seminars across the nation. As a storyteller, I’ve managed to leave long lasting impressions that are both artistic and substantive, humorous and inspiring, entertaining and educational for people at all walks of life and faith. 

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Snowmania 2017 Middle School winter camp

January 20– January 22, 2017


Crossroads Church Summer Camp 2017-Interrupted

June 26-June 30, 2017



Kevin captures the attention of the audience through dynamic, engaging, and anointed storytelling and humor.  His well-prepared illustrations and truth sharing causes his listeners to laugh and cry within a 20 minute talk. There are very few speakers who can capture the attention of young adults and bring them to points of laughter and tears within 20 minutes.  Kevin Loughrin is one of those speakers!

 Ted Plugge, Ministry Director YFC Omaha

Kevin has a surreal ability to breathe new life into the art of storytelling. He grabs your attention from the start and brings unprecedented insight through new and age-old stories. Kevin’s energy, laughter and brilliance will have you wide-eyed and cross-legged on the floor completely enveloped in every word.

Andrew Scott, Youth volunteer at Four Corners Community Church, Architect, Founder of August Development Company

I’ve seen Kevin Loughrin speak to hundreds of teens. He understands the artistry of excellent teaching, is supremely gifted at making one point exceedingly clear, and can tell spell-binding stories that help Scripture come alive to an unlearned audience. Kevin possesses deep conviction about the power of God’s word to change lives and a passion for young people to authentically encounter Jesus. Along the way he manages to be unusually fresh – even playful - drawing people into a real time journey with the risen Christ.

 Dave Rahn, PhD, Senior Ministry Advisor YFC USA

God has given Kevin a gift to accurately communicate the truth of the Gospel in a way that makes scripture come alive to teenagers. He is one of the most dynamic storytellers I have ever heard.

 Jon Christensen, National Campus Life High School Director

Kevin is a naturally gifted storyteller.  But what makes Kevin so effective is the fact that he combines his God given gifts with an insatiable desire to perfect his craft.  He has a very unique ability to teach God's Word in a way that grabs your attention andpushes you to the edge of your seat in anticipation.

 Nat Bodmer, Young Families Pastor Willow Creek Crystal Lake